5 phrasal verbs with Burn

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Nov. 5, 2022

Burn out

This phrasal verb means: "to work so hard that in the end you cannot continue working."

It can also mean: "to stop burning because there is nothing left for it to burn"

It's imporant that you learn to relax more and take some breaks, or you're very likely to burn out.

The fire had burnt before the firefighters arrived to the scene.

Burn down

This phrasal verb means: "to deliberately cause a fire in order to destroy something ".

Jake had burnt out the house in order to destroy the evidence of his crime.

Burn off

This phrasal verb means: "to get rid of unwanted fat or extra energy in your body, by doing physical exercise"

The children in the school yard were playing football, fighting, or simply running about to burn off all their energy.

Burn with

If you are burning with a particular feeling, you feel it very strongly.

Willie smiled, his cheeks were burning with excitement.

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