Some splendid expressions you can use in a work environment

1 minutes

Aug. 15, 2022

Burning ambition

Having a 'burning ambition' is a strong ambition to do something or doing it with passion.

Example: It's always been a burning ambition of mine to work in media production.

Dead-end job

A 'dead-end job' is a job with little or no opportunity for career progression.

Example: You don't want to stay in that dead end job. Why don't you look around for something more exciting?

Get the axe

If you 'get the axe' it means you lose your job.

Example: Sarah's been told she'll be given the axe if she doesn't start coming into work regularly.

Jack of all trades

A 'jack of all trades' is someone who has the ability to do lots of different jobs.

Example: John is a jack of all trades I'm sure he'll be able to do your bathroom if you ask him.

One-man band

A 'one-man band' is a business that consists of just one person. (I like this idea, one day it will be possible 🤞).

Example: I always thought it was a big company but it's actually a one-man band.

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